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Baidyanath Dham: Deoghar Market, Tower Chowk, Deoghar, Jharkhand 220401
Baidyanath Dham is located in Deoghar in the Santhal pargana of Jharkhand. It is a temple complex consisting of the main temple of Baba Baidyanath, where the Jyotirlinga is installed, and 21 other temples total temples are 22.
According the Shiv katha(story)-There was a Demon king whose name was Ravana.He was king of Lanka.He was scholar and devotee of Lord Shankar(Shiv) but he was very much arrogant and stubborn. Though a demon but with his awe-inspiring capability of reigning over the world, it is also sad that he almost ruled over all the three worlds and a few of the Gods were not lesser than his slaves.
One day he thought to bring his favorite god, lord Shiva, to his house for permanent. To fulfill this dream, he goes to mount Kailash, the place where lord Shiva used to live with his family and in order to please the Lord Shiva Ravana cut his head and put it in the hawan kund as a sign of sacrifice to pleasing the lord Shiva, but lord Shiva replaced his head with new ones in every time. This process was repeated Nine times, after which Shiva was happy & pleased with Ravana’s resilience & devotion .Lord shiva asked The Ravana –Ravana what do you want from me ,then Ravana said O my God If you pleased with my devotion, I request you to please live with me. I want to worship my Lord all the time in the Lanka. Without you I can’t alive . The Lord shiva decided to shift his home permanently from Mount Kailash in Himalayas to Srilanka.
Lord Shiva was ready to shift to his new home but he had a deal with Ravana that though he was ready to go along with Ravana to Lanka in form of Lingam. If he keeps the Linga on the earth, he wont be able to uproot the Linga if you kept on the ground. The Ravana happily accepting the deal. Ravana was ready to take the Lingam to his home Sri Lanka.
Then all Gods play a trick with The Ravana. . So, all the Gods decided to held a meeting to find a solution out to keep the supreme lord out of reach of the Lanka, the kingdom of Ravana.
. In the meeting, it was decided that the Ganges will enter inside the Ravana’s body forcing him to Urin (pass water). According to Hindu mythology, a God can not be touched with the hands that has been used in passing Urin( water out of body )until itsBathe. So, the Ganges entered inside the body of the king ravana forcing him to pass Urin( water). While Vishnu disguised as a shepherd was watching the whole scene. Ravana, unable to control his urin asked the disguised shepherd to hold the Lingam until he finished Urin( passing water). But, it took so long to pass the water because passing the Ganges out of the body was not an easy task. Tired of the time taken by Ravana, the shepherd kept the Lingam on the ground.
After finishing his job, Ravana needed water to wash over his hands. There was not any source of water around so he pressed the earth with his thumb to get the water out of the earth. This place is called “Shiva-Ganga” these days.
After washing his hands, he tried to uproot the Shiv Lingam out of the earth but he could do it. It is said that he used his full power to uproot the Shiv Lingam and even the whole earth shook but he could not get the Shiv Lingam out. In anger, he pressed the ShivLinga inside the earth. And this is how one of the 12 Shiv Lingams of Lord Shiva came into existence.At that time Brahma &Vishnu came to that place and worshiped the Shiv Linga.
Why the kanwaria say BAM –B for Brahma,
A for –and,M for Mahesh
According to the Skand Purana, those who complete the holy journey by reciting BAM_BAM obtain the virtues of Ashwamedha Yajna.